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How to sleep when pregnant

How to sleep when pregnantHow to Sleep When Pregnant

If you’re pregnant, then you’re probably sick of hearing “you better get some sleep now, because you’re going to need it when that baby comes.” Almost every pregnant woman on earth has more than likely been told this mantra several times throughout the entire course of her pregnancy.

But how can you sleep when towards the end of the pregnancy sleep becomes almost impossible due to pelvic girdle pain, breathlessness and a large baby in your belly making it difficult to turn from side-to-side?

Whether you’re tired of tossing and turning or you’re at that point where even tossing and turning is so downright hard to do, that you just lie there tortured by the inability to sleep, then these 5 tips should help you get a better night’s sleep. Because remember, you’re going to need it!

Get More ZZZ’s at Night While Pregnant with these 5 Tips

Sleep on Your Side:  You probably already know that sleeping on your back is a no-no while pregnant, because it's not only bad for your back, but it’s also bad for your baby. Doctors encourage mamas to sleep on their sides while pregnant, particularly from the second trimester to the end of the pregnancy.

Sleeping on your side will protect your spine and help avoid pelvic girdle pain while also improving vital blood flow and nutrients to your precious little one. It might be hard to get used to sleeping on your side if you’re a belly sleeper or back sleeper, but you’ll soon find that you get used to it in time.

Sleeping on your back also increases blood pressure and puts pressure from your uterus on muscles, major blood vessels and your intestines, so you definitely want to avoid those things. You have enough going on with your body and don't want to add to it.

Sleep with a Pillow Between Your Knees:  Sleeping with a pillow between your knees is extremely helpful while pregnant, especially towards the end of your pregnancy. Consider a full body pillow or an actual pregnancy pillow. This is a great way to snuggle up and get comfortable on your side.

Keep Your Head Elevated:  This is particularly helpful if you’re carrying twins or multiples. It helps you breathe more easily. If you normally sleep with one pillow, consider doubling up to keep your head elevated.

Chew Some Antacid Tablets:  If heartburn keeps you awake at night, consider taking some antacid tablets or find a home remedy for heartburn. Antacid tablets are generally approved by OB/GYN’s for use during pregnancy, but double check with your own doctor first. Take these about an hour before bed.

Get Snuggly with the Snoozle:  Last but certainly not least, if you’re having difficulty getting to sleep when pregnant, then get snuggly with the Snoozle sheet. The Snoozle maternity slide-sheet is not only soft and comfy, but it also makes it easier to turn over due to its slippery interior.

There’s nothing more annoying than having your sheets come undone while you’re already having trouble sleeping and you’re tossing and turning. The Snoozle makes a wonderful colorful addition to any bedding set. Choose from a white Snoozle, pink and white, or blue and white.

Start Getting More ZZZ's Now

If you follow these five tips on how to sleep when pregnant, you’re guaranteed a good night’s rest in no time. Because remember, you’re going to need it!