Do you have extremely severe PGP in pregnancy? Would you participate in a trial?

Maternity slide sheetReally sorry but our trial is full, thank you everyone who contacted us.


Hey everyone. We're currently looking for pregnant women who suffer from extremely bad Pelvic Girdle Pain (PGP). When we say extreme, we mean for example: almost completely immobilized, taking pain medication and even hospitalized for pain management or in a similar situation at home, wheelchair bound. 

The reason? We're conducting a small trial for the Snoozle. We've had women ask if it´ll work for extremely severe cases where the woman is unable to move and might not muster up the strength to even use the muscles needed to roll in bed with the Snoozle maternity slide sheet. We want to be able to answer them and provide comments from others in a similar situation.

If you fit the description, live in the UK and would like to receive a free Snoozle and provide feedback, please contact me: Lilja @ and tell me a bit about the severity of your PGP (no need to go into personal or sensitive details) and I´ll see if we can fit you in our trial. 


Lilja Thorsteinsdottir - Director.

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  • Hello, I have been suffering pgp since 20 weeks pregnant. I am now on crutches and cannot climb the stairs, drive or get around. I am in pain all day everyday. I don’t feel that pgp is taken seriously. There is a lot of women out there suffering from this and not getting the support they need.

    susan miller

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