Buy patient slide sheets in wholesale / bulk

If you're looking for patient slide sheets to buy in wholesale / bulk you've come to the right place. You can browse this website to learn more about the Snoozle slide sheet and read the reviews from our customers.

Slide sheets in wholesale / bulk

Please contact for wholesale prices and information about buying the Snoozle slide sheet in wholesale / bulk. We ship internationally so the Snoozle is found all over the world. 

Two way tubular slide sheet

The Snoozle is a two way tubular slide sheet so it can help people turn easier in bed and also help with sitting up or lying back down from a sitting position. 

Comfort for long term users

The Snoozle is a thin slide sheet and more comfortable than most other slide sheets for long term use. As it's not made from thick nylon it doesn't make people sweat as much at night. It's popular both in and out of a hospital setting, very popular for at home use or in care homes, at maternity wards, at home for arthritis patients, people recovering from surgery etc. 

For more information on wholesale or bulk orders for the Snoozle slide sheet, please contact us. +44 2030 867 264 or +354 519-5545