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We're looking for distributors for the Snoozle Slide Sheet in every part of the world!

It's not a regular slide sheet! The market for the Snoozle is huge

Don't confuse the Snoozle with the slide sheets you find in hospital settings. Our very own Snoozle slide sheet is designed for at-home use and is comfortable enough to sleep on for a whole night.

The Snoozle is not for the benefit of caretakers or health professionals, it's for the individuals who sleep on it.

While it is used in hospitals, care homes, at physiotherapist offices etc, the Snoozle is mostly sold to the end users through mobility aid stores, maternity stores, pharmacies and the like. 

You can browse this website to learn more about the Snoozle slide sheet and read the reviews from our customers.

So just think about the market:

We're looking for distributors in markets around the world 

Our business is based in Iceland (of all places..) and we can tell you that since launching in 2013 it has been a huge success there. You´ll find it in pretty much all pharmacies across the country, in most maternity stores, mobility aid stores etc. Because it works so well, word of mouth is very strong and the organic growth is tremendous. People talk, and they love that the Snoozle solves a huge problem so easily!

We're already working with distributors in Denmark and the UK but there's always room for more and we need partners in other countries! This is where you come in 😁 

Contact eva@thesnoozle.com for wholesale prices and information about buying the Snoozle slide sheet in wholesale / bulk. We ship internationally so the Snoozle is already found all over the world and is probably already being talked about it your country. 

For more information on wholesale or bulk orders for the Snoozle slide sheet, please contact us. +44 2030 867 264 or +354 519-5545 or fill out the form below.