The Snoozle slide sheet

Helps you turn and move in bed with less effort! Comfortable enough to sleep on the whole night. 


Simple and effective



I bought this as a present for my uncle who is 82 years of age and has Parkinson's diseases. He struggles with his mobility and moving about in bed had been more difficult over the last year. The snoozle slide sheet has been a god send and has helped him tremendously to move in bed and to get out of it. Fantastic product.

Kim L.

Brilliant product if you have difficulty turning over in bed. I have lower back pain which meant that I had to sit up and shift my hips before being able to turn over. The Snoozle has solved that and now I can roll over like anyone else. Brilliant little product - so happy.

Anthea E.

Receiver my Snoozle just before a total hip replacement operation, it was the very best aid to my recovery, I wish I had known about the Snoozle years ago having suffered with spinal problems most of my adult life. I've struggled to maneuver in bed, this simple aid has really made my life so much easier. I would wholeheartedly recommend it.

Christina L.

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