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A Complete Guide to Understanding Slide Sheets

Did you know that lying in one position for an extended period can cause pressure injuries? We also know just how hard it is to turn in bed if you have medical problems. Slides sheets might be the solution you're looking for.

By using slide sheets, you can move around and change positions in bed, possibly avoiding developing pressure injuries. But injuries aside, most people buy slide sheets for at-home use to turn in bed with less pain and effort. Most of our customers have diseases such as arthritis, Parkinson's, fibromyalgia, MS, and other similar conditions. 


Finding a system that makes it easier for you to move around in bed will help to reduce the chance of injury for you. It will also help you get better sleep by minimizing pain.

How do you go about finding a system that makes caring for yourself in bed more relaxed and less strenuous? Using a slide sheet system can drastically improve the quality of life for yourself. 


Not sure what slide sheets are and all of the benefits that they have to offer you? Keep reading to learn more! 

What Is a Slide Sheet? 

A slide sheet is an easy moving solution. Many of the slide sheets on the market are designed to help family members or carers handle their loved ones or patients in bed. They ensure smooth transfers when you're looking to move your elder, pregnant, or disabled loved one. 

However, slide sheets for at-home use like the Snoozle are specially designed for individuals and not carers.

Slide sheets are commonly used in hospitals and homes. The Snoozle, however, is made from different materials and is perfect for individuals to use at home. 

Why Should You Use Sliding Sheets?

Both for the carers and the individuals, there are many benefits of using slide sheets. For individuals that are looking to gain independence, slide sheets allow these individuals to move around in bed without any assistance.


Also, slide sheets minimize any friction that's underneath of any points of pressure while an individual is lying down. As an end result, there's a reduced chance of developing wounds to the skin surrounding pressure points. Sliding sheets can also be used along with pressure-relieving mattresses, while also not altering the pressure-relieving qualities of the bed! 


Sliding sheets stay on the bed, increase the comfort of the person lying down, and increase their ability to turn, transfer, or reposition without the help of another person. 

Who Can They Help? 

Sliding sheets are incredibly versatile and offer dozens of benefits to many people. They're a useful device to use for individuals with varying stages of mobility issues. Whether they have arthritis, are pregnant, have joint stiffness, or Parkinson's Disease, using sliding sheets can help to increase the movement that they have. 


This mobility tool is also a perfect system to use for people that need to position, move, or turn around while they're lying in bed. If you're looking to increase the mobility of yourself, whether you're pregnant, disabled, or struggle with a health condition such a fibromyalgia, glide sheets are a useful tool. 


If you're someone who's struggling to get out of bed or who has limited mobility, sliding sheets help to reduce the dependence that you have on other people. They allow you to move around in bed comfortably. Not only can this help to prevent injuring yourself, but it can actually help to get out of bed by yourself (in less time). Using a slide sheet can reduce the amount of effort or the number of people that are needed to move you, resulting in increased independence. 

What Does a Base Sheet Do?

There are two types of sliding sheet systems that you can use to move a person; draw sheets and base sheets.

The base sheet has a non-slip surface on the underneath the base sheet, which helps to keep it centered on the mattress. By laying directly on top of the satin panel that reduces friction between clothing and bedding, it's easier for the person lying down to turn over and move around on the mattress. 

Types of Base Slide Sheets

There are several different types of base slides sheets. These include:

What Are Draw Sheets?

Draw sheets were made to be used on top of a base sheet. The person that's sleeping in the bed will lie on top of the draw sheet, which can be used to pulled or gripped. The immobile individual can use the micro-movements that the carer creates to reposition, move, and provide assistance in moving themselves around the bed.

Types of Draw Sheets

There two different types of draw sheets that you can choose from. The kind of draw sheet that you want will depend on the level of need that you have: 

2 Direction

2 direction draw sheets are ideal for people who only require a little bit of assistance while they're moving around in bed. This type of sheet allows an individual to move from side to side while they're in bed, but they won't be able to slide down in the bed or move up and down. 

Also, this type of draw sheet can help to reduce friction and shearing. If you're looking to find a way to make it easier for them to move around in bed by themselves, consider adding a 2 direction draw sheet.

4 Directions

If you're dependent on someone, a 4 direction draw sheet is ideal for your situation. It sits on top of the base sheet, which allows the immobile individual to move. From the perspective of the carer, using a 4 direction sheet makes it easier to position the person lying down, as well as turn them over and move them around on the bed.

You can also choose between:

What type of slide sheet is the Snoozle?

The Snoozle slide sheet is a 4-way tubular sheet, straightforward and effective. It goes on top of your regular bed sheet and doesn't require any other components.

How to Use a Slide Sheet

If you're looking to learn how to safely move around in a bed when you're unable to lift yourself, using a slide sheet can make moving around safer and more comfortable. Here's how to use a slide sheet: 

See FAQ section for more info

Before You Start

Before moving yourself, make sure that you double-check to make sure that the slide sheet is in good condition. It shouldn't be torn or dirty. 


  1. Lay the Snoozle slide sheet on your side of the bed, on top of your regular bed sheet. The openings should be at the top and bottom. It should not go over the side of the bed.
  2. Lie on your back on top of the Snoozle and keep it approximately between your shoulders and thighs. Adjust its position if needed.
  3. Slide from side to side with the aid of the Snoozle. Try to adjust it as best you can after each roll.

Tips for Using Slide Sheets 

If you're purchasing a slide sheet for yourself, keep in the back of your mind that it may take you a few nights to get used to sleeping on a slide sheet. Some individuals using slide sheets for themselves have found that they prefer sleeping on a slide sheet with the openings located at the sides of the sheet, as it isn't as wide. However, if you do sleep like this, make sure that you're cautious. Do not leave the slide sheet on the floor or near the edge of your mattress.


As you're moving around, you must remember slide sheets are slippery. That's why it's essential to move your loved around slowly to ensure that they don't slide off the bed or hit your body on the bed. 

Slide Sheets for Independent Living

Improving the quality of life you're living if you struggle with a disability such as fibromyalgia, arthritis, or Parkinson's disease is essential. Especially if you want to develop an independent living lifestyle for yourself. Thankfully, innovative sleep products have made it easier for you to move around in bed without depending on a loved one. 


For example, the Snoozle Slide Sheet is a tubular 4-way slide sheet that you can place on top of your regular bed sheet to make it easier for you to move around in bed. This sleep aid helps you to turn and move around in bed, eliminating the need to have a family member help you. 


Even if you don't have one of the above-listed conditions, having a slide sheet as a sleeping aid can provide you with countless benefits. Using a glide sheet system post-surgery or even if you have any discomfort while you're sleeping makes it easier for you to move around in bed. 

They definitely help you find a comfortable position to sleep in.

Also, it can help you to alleviate the discomfort and pain you feel while you're sleeping, even if you just feel a slight discomfort while you're sleeping. Using slide sheets will help to quickly move around in bed, encouraging a more comfortable, restful sleep.  

Improving Quality of Life With Slide Sheets

Thankfully, slide sheets were designed to help quickly transfer and move a loved one without the need for lifting them. Slide sheets help to ensure that moving yourself around is more comfortable, safer, and smoother for yourself. They're super easy to use and much more affordable than other types of transfer equipment. 


Helping to provide yourself with increased mobility with slide sheets can help to improve your quality of life drastically. It's an easy way to move, without having to depend on a family member, which helps to reduce the risk of injury or falling for both you and your loved one.

Are you looking to purchase a slide sheet system for yourself or for a loved one? Click here to learn more about out Snoozle slide sheet.