The perfect gift: The Snoozle slide sheet

The Snoozle slide sheet

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What is the Snoozle?

  • Tubular 4-way slide sheet, goes on top of your regular bed sheet. 
  • Comfortable on the outside and an extremely slippery on the inside.
  • Slides along with your every move, helping you turn and switch sides in bed. 
  • 72 cm wide and 75 cm long

Snoozle benefits

  • Helps you move around, turn and switch sides in bed easily.
  • Makes your movements in bed smooth and faster, so you don't need to put in as much effort, lift yourself up from the mattress, flex as many sore muscles or move as many inflamed and creaky joints.
  • You can get out of bed more easily and it helps you sit up and slide back down.

*The Snoozle is shipped from our warehouse in the UK. Please note that if you're outside the UK, some extra duty or tax might be added by authorities. 

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