FAQ about the Snoozle slide sheet

Common questions about the snoozle

I still don't get it, how does a slide sheet work?

We know, it can be a little hard to get your head around it. A slide sheet is a cylinder made out of special fabric that is comfortable on the outside but extremely slippery on the inside. Imagine lying on a big pillowcase with an extra opening. The slippery sides on the inside will slide with you when you're turning in bed, making your movement much smoother than if you were lying on top of a regular sheet. Instead of having to lift your body up from the mattress to turn, you just sort of use your bottom to slide from side to side and making turning in bed easier. The Snoozle is a 4 way tubular slide sheet so it goes up and down and sideways. 

Is it like a regular size bed sheet I need to put over my whole bed?

Nope, not at all! It's only 72 x 75 cm (around 30 x 30 inches) and you place it on your side of the bed, over your regular sheet.

How to use

  1. Lay the Snoozle slide sheet on your side of the bed, on top of your regular bed sheet, with the openings at the top and bottom. It should not go over the side of the bed.
  2. Lie on on your back on top of the Snoozle and keep it approximately between your shoulders and thighs. Adjust its position if needed.
  3. Slide from side to side with the aid of the Snoozle. Try to adjust it as best you can after each roll.

Will it interrupt my significant other or get in his/her way?

No. It's on your side of the bed, it's not bulky and it doesn't take up a lot of room in the bed. In fact, your significant other will benefit from not having to wake up to help you turn at night.

Can one person use the Snoozle slide sheet?

Yes, it's for one person. It's not wide enough for two and wouldn't work that way.

Does it make a sound?

No, unlike some other types of slide sheets, the Snoozle makes no sound on crinkly noises when used.

What's the difference between the Snoozle and other slide sheets?

We have a whole blog post explaining it.

If it's so slippery, won't I just slide and fall off the bed?

We get this question a lot. We always ask people to be careful because the slide sheet is extremely slippery and you need to insure it's not right at the edge of your bed or hanging over it. Never leave it on the floor. Please read the warnings on the packaging.

How do I wash the Snoozle?

You can wash it at up to 30 °c (86 °F) with a small amount of detergent. Do not bleach or put in the dryer. Do not hang outside as UV rays can make the fabric less slippery. 

Where does the Snoozle ship from?

It's shipped worldwide from our warehouse in the UK, or if you're in the USA the Snoozle ships from there. Please note that if you live outside of the UK some extra customs fees or taxes may occur (not applicable to the USA). 

Can I use it during childbirth?

Of course! In fact, if you're pregnant we recommend you keep an extra Snoozle in your hospital bag or home birth kit just in case your waters break in the middle of the night and your Snoozle gets too wet to take along. The Snoozle is excellent for keeping you a bit more mobile during the birth and helps you change positions (often hard to do in a hospital bed or while having contractions).

Can I use it after childbirth?

Yes you can use it for as long as you like. It's very helpful after the birth because often back pain (or SPD) symptoms don't go away immediately. If you feed your baby in bed during the night, your Snoozle will help you slide to an upright position and then down again when it's time to go back to sleep.