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4 Techniques for Pelvic Girdle Pain (PGP) Relief

Pelvic Girdle Pain sucks.If you are suffering from PGP, you might feel a bit like jumping off a cliff and the sooner the better. You have yet to figure out how to sleep when pregnant. Those shooting pains in your rear and the burning or knife point pain in your hips and back are now the bane of your existence. I'm sure you didn't seek us out so that we could remind you of every little ache and pain. Let's look at some of the best ways to soothe your aching body and soul.

1. Gentle Exercise

The thought of having to do your exercise routine while pregnant may have you back-pedalling. Don't fear! Just a few simple exercises will help to ease some of your woes. Yoga and Pilates studios now offer classes especially for pregnant women. Yoga and Pilates are both fabulous exercises to help with alignment of the spine and thus the pelvis. It might benefit you to have a look in your area for studios offering these classes. If you can't get out of the house, a few gentle abdominal exercises will help as well. Warning: Yoga and Pilates may not benefit more severe cases of PGP. See if you can do a couple of classes before you decide to pay for a whole month. If your back and pelvis hurt more the day after the class you might want to back out.  

2. Sleep Postures 

Maybe you're slapping your forehead (duh!) or rolling your eyes at this right now, but it is worth mentioning. The way you sleep has a direct affect on the amount of pain you experience. Keeping the spine and pelvis aligned is the secret ingredient to helping you sleep when pregnant. Sleep on your side with a pillow between your knees and pull them up a bit to imitate the natural curve of the spine. Everyone is different and if this doesn't work, try sleeping in a slight sitting position with the pillow in the small of your back.

3. Pain Relief Aids and Methods

There are several pain relief aids that will lessen the burden of Pelvic Girdle Pain. For daytime help you may want to wear a prenatal belt for added support. Heating pads are great for relieving pains in the joints and muscles. For night-time relief of PGP, you will want to use a maternity slide sheet along with the pillow between your legs. A maternity slide sheet will help to lessen pain when you change positions. It helps with getting in and out of bed, and provides a better night of sleep when pregnant. Find out more about the Snoozle, our maternity slide sheet designed to give you the restful night of sleep you desire.

4. Medical Attention

The thought of a visit to a doctor for help may not be your first choice, but it can be necessary. If you have tried everything above and you still don't hear the sweet song of comfort, your doctor may have a few suggestions. A small dose of pregnancy safe muscle relaxers may be the little bit of magic you need. The other option is to visit an acupuncturist or a chiropractor. Acupuncture has become a popular method for the Pelvic Girdle pain relief. Some women swear by it. A chiropractor specializes in keeping you aligned. Their expertise can work wonders for women who suffer from PGP, but please ask around and find one who's worked with PGP before.  
Don't let Pelvic Girdle Pain push you over the edge. It may mean less sleep when pregnant and pain you never knew you could bear, but there is hope. While you can't make it go away completely, some relief of PGP is right around the corner when you use the techniques listed above. At least it doesn't hurt to try. Explore our blog to find out more about Pelvic Girdle Pain and its treatments.X