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How slippery sheets can help you sleep

How slippery sheets can help you sleep

Have you ever been in bed and wished you had a slippery sheet underneath you? It doesn't have to be complicated. The Snoozle slide sheet is a slippery sheet, usually called a slide sheet, that goes under you, but over your regular bed sheet.

Since it's a double fabric (a tube of sorts), with slippery insides, the friction makes all your movements very smooth. That helps a lot when you're trying to roll in bed, sit up etc.

What people usually love about it is that it's not huge and doesn't need to cover your whole bed. It doesn't bother their spouse or make any sort of sound. In fact, people usually tell us that their spouses love it. The reason is that they don't need to wake up during the night to help with rolling, pushing or pulling. So it makes their lives easier, too.

Who can use a slippery sheet?

A slippery sheet is a great idea for people who want to be more independent at home. They have so many uses, and are popular among people who have different types of diseases or conditions. Some of them are recovering from surgery, some have Parkinson's disease, a great many of them have arthritis and/or fibromyalgia or simply have a bad back.

So, basically, the Snoozle slide sheet is for everyone who has trouble turning or moving around in bed at night.