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How to use a slide sheet

How to use a slide sheet

Slide sheet: The Snoozle comes in many coloursUsing a slide sheet like the Snoozle is quite easy. But please note that our Snoozle is not like the thick, plastic hospital sheets used for transferring patients so these instructions do not apply to all of them.




The Snoozle slide sheet is comfy enough to sleep on all night long!  

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Slide sheet: how to use

  • Lay the Snoozle slide sheet on your side of the bed, on top of your regular bed sheet, with the openings at the top and bottom. It should not go over the side of the bed.
  • Lie on your back on top of the Snoozle and keep it approximately between your shoulders and thighs. Adjust its position if needed.
  • Turn from side to side with the aid of the Snoozle slide sheet. Try to adjust it as best you can after each roll.
  • Read our slide sheet FAQ for more info

Tips and other uses for your slide sheet

Please note that the Snoozle slide sheet might take a few nights to get used to. Some people prefer to have the openings to the sides, that way it’s wider, but please be careful not to put it near the edge of the bed or leave it on the floor.

Since the Snoozle slide sheet is a 4 way slide sheet it slides up and down as well as from side to side. This means it can also be used to help with sitting up or rolling back down in bed.

Many of our customers use the Snoozle slide sheet in chairs and sofas, to help move into a better position.

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