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The difference between a Snoozle slide sheet and other slide sheets

The difference between a Snoozle slide sheet and other slide sheets

Recently we took the Snoozle slide sheet to a consumer show (Naidex) in Birmingham. It was our first show and we were really excited to travel from Iceland to the UK to meet with some of our current and future customers.

We weren't sure what sort of questions we'd mostly get at the show. Much to our surprise, one of the most asked questions came from professionals like occupational therapists and others who were already familiar with the concept of slide sheets from their work. They wanted to know:

"What's the difference between the Snoozle and other slide sheets?"

Well, we were more than happy to explain that the "regular" slide sheets that we know of, the ones used in hospitals, care homes etc. are, unlike the Snoozle slide sheet, used by carers who need assistance with moving their patients around. Usually the slide sheets are made of nylon or other material that feels more like plastic. Some of them have handles, most of them make a noise when used because of the stiff fabric, and they will probably make a person sweat if he or she lays on them for some time.

The Snoozle slide sheet is not intended for carers. I mean, sure, it can be beneficial for carers in some circumstances and is already used that way, but we designed it for people who are still relatively independent and don't need a carer at night. People who can already move and turn over in bed at night but find it difficult or painful.

The Snoozle slide sheet is made out of soft, thin material that is comfortable enough to sleep on for a whole night. It doesn't make a sound and it should not make a person sweat or feel warmer than usual. It is very light weight and easy to travel with.

The best part of explaining this to people at the show was witnessing the "aha!" light-bulb moment when they realized the difference between the Snoozle slide sheet and other slide sheets, and how beneficial it could be for so many people who are living with painful conditions but not sick enough to require full time care. 

If you have any questions about the Snoozle slide sheet, feel free to contact us at and we´ll answer them.

Here's me (Lilja, on the right) and Eva at the show: 

Slide sheet - the Snoozle